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I Wanna RP NOW!

I got time to kill, and I just wanna write with ppl!

I Wanna RP NOW! A Common-Place RP Comm
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All Members , Moderated
roleplaying in general/get-together scenes at random/writer and character interaction
Getting antsy in writing a certain character? Looking for those who'd want to play on an RP wanted list? Want to just RP at random and make friends and writing buddies? Do you just want to have fun writing as your favorite characters? Well, you've come to the right place!

Here are the simple rules...

1. Be nice and respectful to each other, please. Flame wars just won't be tolerated. If you're in conflict with someone that cannot be taken in a civil manner, take it to your own personal journal, and not on this community. Thanks.

2. This community allows RP promotions from anywhere. (Livejournal, Insanejournal, message boards, etc). Advertise only once a day. Don't spam this community journal up with the exact same ads. Thank you.

3. There is no taken list on which characters you'd like to make a character journal for. Various versions and interpretations of the same character are welcome! Any character from ANY fandom whatsoever (books, movies, video games, anime, comic books, manga and such) are welcome! Even Original Characters are welcome.

4. There is a seperate community for various RP scenes. i_wanna_rpscene (for practice writing, just plain roleplaying fun, whatever) Character journal entries in the character journals are also encouraged.

5. To prevent any confusion among the members/fellow roleplayers, it is prefered to have one character journal per character. If you have two to three characters sharing one journal, then that's alright too.

6. Please enjoy yourselves and have fun writing together! That's what this community is all about.

7. Any questions? Complaints? Please contact Marianne, your friendly head administrator here: phspopular2002 or by the email address shown. All other contact information is located in Marianne's profile.
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