jeannnnie (jeannnnie) wrote in i_wanna_rp_now,

Looking for xmen partners!

Your Muse: Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, Pixie, Rogue, etc!
Muse wanted: Erik Lehnsherr, Raven Darkholme, Gambit, etc!
Community: None - wanted for psl!
Fandom: X-men: First Class, etc
Canon: Yes? Au welcome.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movies.
PB: Movie canon pbs?
Contact via: If you are interested in Cherik, and world building to potentially make a game together, feel free to contact (I want to initially make a psl together, and just work out world kinks and plots together before moving forward to create a game)! I do welcome a good, solid psl however. I am rping with Charles and Jean for now, and more, really want an Erik and Raven for Charles to work with! Scott and Wolverine for Jean, you get my drift. If you have interest in rping xmen, hit me up! :)

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